A spiritual cleansing of my heart

Dear Rebeckah

Thank you for allowing me to be one of the first few who got to read the book as you progress.

I can say that it has been a spiritual cleansing of my heart. I love how each chapter reveals the heart of God for us and then the example of the various principalities that wreaks havoc in our lives if we don’t notice and bind these wicked spirits, often we don’t even detect them and are oblivious.

The book also provides the reader with prayers of repentance and sound Bible scriptures applicable that we can use to pray and decree and bind. This has been so very powerful and I just know my Spirit is growing daily.

I have had moments and days where I cried so much as the truth often cuts deep but was so healing and the Holy Spirit showed me where I was needing healing and to repent of my actions.

I thank you Rebeckah for you faithfulness and obedience to Abba Father in this Huge Task.

Well done and God bless you! You are a true Woman of God and so very Inspirational.

I would encourage anyone reading this book to do so with patience and loving care, take your time ,even re-read the chapters if you are unclear.

I know I will need to re-read and refresh, Allo Holy Spirit to speak to you in a way you know.

Blessing and Thanks

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