Live Teaching | Bitterness


Includes: Spirit lead service after teaching, booklet, prayer and counseling, coffee/tea and a light snack.

  • Limited to 30 seats.
  • Pin location provided after purchase.
  • Safe and secure parking.
  • End time not specified due to nature of session.


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“Bitterness defiles the heart and makes it sick.  It will grow down deep and you will begin to suffer from physical heart conditions and even feel regular physical pain in the heart when there is nothing wrong medically.  Bitterness seeps into every part of the body, destroying as it goes.  As with the unclean spirits of the heart, the water that flows from the heart to the mind and out of the mouth, will all be defiled with Bitterness.”

“You will be constantly bombarded with thoughts of who and what caused the Bitterness.  Because you refused to let go and forgive.  The man who had his debts cancelled could not forgive the man who owed him money because of Bitterness.  He spent waking nights thinking of what was owed to him and how he could get revenge, to the point that he forgot how the King had just forgiven him, when the object of his bitterness was right in front of him.”

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