Live Teaching | Pride and Religion


Includes: Spirit lead service after teaching, booklet, prayer and counseling, coffee/tea and a light snack.

  • Limited to 30 seats.
  • Pin location provided after purchase.
  • Safe and secure parking.
  • End time not specified due to nature of session.

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“This wicked strongman is binding many of My children today and they don’t even know it.  Some awaken to its workings only to fall into the same traps again because they have not been delivered from this strongman.  Many people in other religions are also bound by this strongman.”

“This strongman soothes their conscience, giving them a form of peace that is false; that they are pleasing to some god.  Man knows that God exists.  They all know it deep within themselves.  Even those that deny the existence of God; they now make science their religion.  Many scientists are caught in the traps of religion.”

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