Live Teaching | Fear of Man


Includes: Spirit lead service after teaching, booklet, prayer and counseling, coffee/tea and a light snack.

  • Limited to 30 seats.
  • Pin location provided after purchase.
  • Safe and secure parking.
  • End time not specified due to nature of session.

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“This evil spirit wounds and destroys the soul of the person it occupies.  It forces the person to focus on him or herself in a negative way continuously.  This person is constantly measuring themselves against others: comparing, conniving and manipulating to get a positive response from others. Their whole world revolves around the acceptance of other people. They need to feel adored and to feel loved, never finding peace within themselves or joy in who they are or seeing how uniquely I made them.  They only see themselves through the eyes of others.”

“They cannot see for themselves for this spirit has robbed them of self-contentment.  They fear losing the praises and acceptance of others.  Therefore, they will go to any lengths to gain the approval of man.  It is the fear of man in essence.”

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